NOVA1 Desktop

NOVA1 Manual Desktop Workstation

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE introduces its NOVA1 Manual Workstation for laser welding applications, combining our Pulsed Nd-YAG technology with a safe enclosure

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE offers two versions of this laser welding desktop system: the NOVA1 MIC and the NOVA1 CAM.
NOVA1 MIC is a workstation equipped with a microscope focusing optic for 3 dimensional vision of high quality images.
The NOVA1 CAM has the same features as the NOVA1 MIC. Instead of a microscope, it uses a CCTV color camera and monitor to create maximum freedom for the operator.

Laser Welding technology allows our business partners to join, to identify and to customize materials. Laser spot welding for orthodontic appliances, laser spot welding for battery packs and for medical devices are only a few of many applications that the NOVA1 Series can perform successfully.