L WelderML-6500C

300W Fiber Laser Welder ML-6500C

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE’S ML-6500C Fiber Laser Welder is a perfect solution for seam welding of sheet metals, plastic welding and cutting

Cleaner & Finer. Welding can be performed!

  • Features of fiber lasers
    Welding with no thermal lens effect.
    Inherits the ML series’ real-time power feedback functions
    Compact output unit and made it possible to have a long work distance!
    Attained higher efficiency (approx 8 times more efficient than lamp excitation type laser welders)
    Can be operated in continuous wave (CW) or pulse.
    Supports up to 3-time sharing deliveries or 3-energy sharing deliveries.
    All-in-one design makes it easy to be integrated into a manufacturing line.
  • ML-6500C
    300W fiber laser model
    Accepts scanner type laser output unit.

Dimensions (mm): 877.4(H) x 453.3(W) x 858.6(D) mm

Weight (in kg): 240 kg

Power requirements:
3-phase, 200V to 400V AC  (+10%/-15%)

Braker rated current:  20A (380V/400V) (6500B)
30A (380V/400V) (6700A)
50A (380V/400V) (6810A)
The minimised power consumption saves energy cost.

Safety Class:  Class 4 laser, pilot laser: class 1

Legal Approvals: CE compliant