HF 2/2S Inverter

HF 2/2S – Highly Versatile Inverter Welder

HF2S inverter welding equipment includes a built-in Weld Sentry for weld monitoring with SPC capability. High speed (250 micro-second) digital adaptive feedback controls weld current, voltage, or power, providing more consistency compared to traditional direct energy (AC) or stored energy (CD) technologies.

Inverter Welding Features:

  • High Frequency Inverter Welder DC Technology
  • High Speed Feedback Control System for Weld Current, Voltage, or Power
  • Graphical and Alpha-numeric User Interface
  • Input/Output Communication Ports for Automation Integration
  • Optional Built-in Weld Sentry with Built-in SPC
  • Miyachi Unitek’s HF2 High Frequency Inverter is a 2Khz, state-of-the-art DC inverter welding control used to join small parts at high speed.