ISA Series

ISA Series- Mid Frequency Inverter Resistance Welding Power Supply

The ISA range of Inverter power supplies provides the highest level of control available today in large scale resistance spot welding. The ISA-500CR, ISA-1000CR, ISA-2000CR and ISA-4000CR are intelligently packaged in “NEMA” style enclosures and are designed to deliver robust performance in the harshest of production environments. The ISA models can deliver 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 amps of primary welding current, respectively.

  • Automotive sheet metal and components
  • High-speed bi-metal contact welding
  • Storage Batteries
  • Aircraft components (aluminum and titanium)
  • Nut resistance spot welding
  • Projection welds
  • Motor armature fusing
  • Markless welding

The proven standard in inverter resistance spot welding control!