ML-2650B – ML2651B YAG Laser Welder

Provides High-Speed, High-Quality Seam Welding

Real-time laser power feedback
Highly stabilized output just as you set! Since the specified output in the right waveform is emitted from the initial shot, extreamly high quality welding would be possible.

Fade-in/fade-out function
The laser output is varied gradually to avoid marks at the start and end of seam welding and to provide a beautiful finish, even for overlapping sections of circumferential seam welding.

High-speed, high-quality welding
High-speed seam welding is possible with high repetition rates of up to 500 pps. Also, power feedback control and waveform control functions enable high-quality welding for a variety of work.

Color LCD touch panel
The large, easy-to-view touch panel can be detached from the main unit and operated by hand. (ML-2650B/ML-2651B)

Power monitor
Laser energy (J) and average power (W) can be monitored, and if the set value is not achieved, an abnormality signal is output. Complete quality control is possible.

Optical fiber delivery System
A maximum of four branches are possible, including energy sharing and time sharing. (Optional)