ML-2450A – ML-2350A – ML-2351A – ML2350 AF – ML2351AF YAG Laser Welder

Line-up of forced air cooling models.
The ML-2350A/ML-2351A are Nd YAG laser welders that use laser power feedback. They provide high quality, high speed, and high stability output and enable high-quality welding of various materials.

Real-time laser power feedback

  • Input the laser power directly to achieve output you want
    Thanks to the laser power feedback technique, laser output just as set can be reliably obtained. In addition, the output laser power and output waveform are displayed on the controller’s monitor.
  • Automatic correction of energy fed to lamp
    Since the energy fed to the lamp is automatically corrected in real time, even for laser output fluctuation factors, such as lamp deterioration and YAG rod thermal lens effect, inconvenient and time consuming changes in power settings are eliminated.
  • Right from the first shot, laser power with waveform just as set
    Right from the first shot, laser power is obtained with the waveform just as set, which eliminates the conventional need for empty shots before starting the actual welding.

Advanced waveform control functions
The waveform control functions are Fix mode, which has 3-step waveforms as the basic, and Flex mode, which can set up to 20 inflexion points and express complex waveforms. Since the optimum welding conditions can be set for various materials, blow holes and cracks can be eliminated and the welding quality improved.

Forced air cooling models
Our product line-up also includes forced air cooling models that do not use external cooling water. (ML-2350AF/ML-2351AF)

Pulse repetition rate
Welding and processing can have a maximum repetition rate of 200 pps.

High-quality welding
Power feedback control and waveform control functions ensure high-quality welding for a variety of work.

Optical fiber delivery System
A maximum of six branches are possible, including energy sharing and time sharing. (Optional)

Multiple schedule setting
Up to 32 schedules and waveform control can handle a variety of work.

Space saving, compact design
Laser power supply, oscillator head, and cooler are combined in one compact design. This superior design also makes it possible to handle wiring, filter replacement, etc., easily, from the front of the unit.