LW Fume Extract

Filter systems for laser welding processes

In all application areas where laser tools are being used, the emission of particles and gases is unavoidable. The diffusion of the produced emissions however has to be prevented as they are hazardous to health and can also settle as damp on sensitive components. This can damage the function as well as the durability of the work part. The product produced will be prevented from being contaminated.

Laserline filter systems made of high-quality components, have been specifically developed to extract hazardous emissions right at the source. The lens of the laser is protected from being damaged and harmful substances are prevented from diffusing in the environment. The innovative filter system separates fine dust and gases in four stages and recirculates only completely cleaned air into the work area. A substantial contribution to observe legal regulations regarding clean air at the work environment that operator and valuable technology profit from.

Amada Miyachi Europe offers several types of laserline filter systems.