ML-2150A – ML-2050A ML-2051A – ML-2052A YAG Laser Welder

High-efficiency, high-quality welding
A highly efficient power supply has been developed that holds down high frequencies to protect the environment. Since single-phase 200/220/240 VAC ±10% is used, power supply requirements are flexible, even when this device is used overseas

Optical fiber delivery System
A maximum of three branches are possible including energy sharing and time sharing.

Improved rise speed and energy efficiency
The laser output startup time has been reduced to about 1/20th of that for previous models. Additionally, the pulse width can be set under 5 ms in units of 0.02 msfor short-time welding, which is five times the precision of previous models.

Pulse repetition rate
Welding and processing have a maximum repetition rate of 30 pps.

A light condensing diameter of 40 m is achieved with the compact, highbrightness laser oscillator. This enables a welding spot diameter of 80 m for stainless steel.