LWeld Monitor

MML-200A Laser Weld Monitor

The MML-200A, Laser Weld Checker measures the output power and monitors it to ensure the output to be in the preset range.

It monitors the laser output at the output end of the optical fiber
MML-200A can emit an alarm signal when the actual output power would be above/below the pre-set upper/lower limit.

  • Detecting variance in the laser output at the optical fiber
    Laser output fluctuation and optical fiber’s abnormality can be detected.
  • Detecting change in the light reflected from processing points
    Work distance errors, changes in the workpiece, uncleanness and damage of the protect glass, and laser output fluctuation can be detected.
  • Measurement data can be stored on internal memory or on a CF Card
    This data storage function allows to save statistics and to document measurements made.