Green Pulse LW

ML-8150A – YAG SHG Green Pulse Laser Welder

The ML-8150A SHG green pulse laser welder is specially designed to weld copper and gold. Copper and gold are materials with high reflectance so that those are known as hard-to-weld materials. Wavelength of SHG laser is 532nm which is a half of fundamental laser (1064nm) and that makes laser absorptance to copper and gold 4.5 to 20 times higher than fundamental laser. Even copper and gold does not reflect SHG laser.

SHG laser increases laser absorptancy of copper and gold!
Perfect solution for welding thin copper wires with PCB, welding of bus bars and more.

For solder-less joining of semiconductor substrate
SHG laser can weld copper wire directly onto a semiconductor substrate without using solder.

Welding sample
Welding of 3 sheet (0.5mm each) overlap of CuSn6 has been performed at a maxium penetration of 1.25mm.