Vandate Marker

ML-7112AH/AI Vandate Laser Marker

LD-pumped YVO4-Laser,Low-Cost Laser Marker,
Born from the Needs of Our Customers.

Provides high laser beam quality at affordable prices
100 x 100mm Processing area
Includes LM-Draw application software

A market survey resulted in the following frequently asked requests

  • “Make it more affordable.”
  • “Give us just the minimum of necessary functions without any complex features.”
  • “We prefer air instead of water cooling.”
  • “Give us the RS-232 interface for more flexible marking”

ML-7112AH/AI perfectly meets these needs as it offer the following features and benefits:

  • Compact and lightweight
    Ideal for production lines where space is limited.
  • Energy efficient
    Low power consumption, thanks to a highly efficient laser diode.
  • Fully air-cooled
    Maintenance is reduced to a minimum.
  • Low maintenance
    Except cleaning of the protection glass and two air filters no further maintenance is required. Depending on usage more extensive maintenance / replacement of consumables might occure after several years.
  • Application software LM Draw for creating and executing processing data.
    – 2D code marking is standard
    – Supports DXF file reading
    – Auto hatching function
    – Automatic write order optimization function
    – Thanks to the strong drawing functions, processing data is created efficiently.
  • Guide light function
    This function shows the work writing position and processing area.
  • Automatic backup function
    The time and operation count can be specified and the operation log backed up automatically.