50 Series-Light

50 Series – Light Force Microjoining Weld Head

Series 50 is perfect for wire and ribbon applications such as fine trace circuit board repair, wire wound potentiometers, hybrid microwave devices, pacemakers, electrical fuses, ordnance fuses, smart cards, solar cells and other thermocompression bonding or microjoining applications.

Microjoining Weld Head Features:

  • Very Low Force – 40 to 1000 grams
  • True Vertical Electrode Force Motion
  • Exclusive “Unitip” Electrodes

Specifically Designed for Microjoining and Thermocompression Bonding Applications
The Series 50 Light Force Microjoining Weld Heads are precision, low inertia heads designed specifically for delicate, parallel gap welding, thermocompression bonding and reflow soldering. True vertical electrode motion eliminates electrode wiping action. A low mass spring and compound lever force system ensures accurate, repeatable welding force in the 40 to 1000 gram range.