L WelderML-6700B

500W Fiber Laser Welder ML-6700B

High Power 500W Fiber Laser Realizes Finer Laser Welding at Higher Speed!
Fiber Laser Welder with Real-time Power Feedback

The ML-6700B is a perfect solution for seam welding of sheet metals, plastic welding and cutting.

  • High power 500W fiber laser achieves welding of sheet metals as well as fine cutting.
  • φ50μm fiber can be used to perform high quality fine welding.
  • Cycle time can be shortened due to high speed pulse control; which is ten times faster than the existing models.
  • Setting the optics 90degrees on the work piece is possible due to the anti reflection isolator
  • Vertical incident is capable due to the structure designed not to influence by reflection from a object to be welded.
  • Small footprint.

Great reliability and stability
Welding without thermal lens effect provides outstandingly clean and firm fine welding. Real-time feedback feature controls output stably.

Low power consumption and small footprint
Its power consumption is 75% less than lamp-pumped laser welders. Power supply, oscillation head and cooler are all integrated in one unit to save the space and make it easy to locate.

Robust design
IP54 certified dust-proof and drop-proof design.

High usability
Three time sharing and three energy sharing at maximum are available. Two oscillation method can be selected from CW mode and pulse mode. Ample input-output terminals facilitate integration into automation systems.

Better quality control
Both laser energy (J) and average power (W) can be monitored and error signal is outputted. With external facilities, data such as weld condition and monitored value can be controlled.

Large color LCD touch screen allows to input weld conditions easily. This controller is detachable.

Dimensions (mm): 1110(H) x 569(W) x 1069(D) mm

Weight (in kg): 250 kg

Power requirements:  
3-phase, 200V to 400V AC  (+10%/-15%)
Braker rated current:  20A (380V/400V) (6500B)
30A (380V/400V) (6700A)
50A (380V/400V) (6810A)
The minimised power consumption saves energy cost.

Safety Class:  Class 4 laser, pilot laser: class 1

Legal Approvals: CE compliant