AWS3 Servo Motor

AWS3 – Servo Motorised

The ultimate resistance welding solution with integrated process control, monitoring and quality analysis.

The Active Welding System 3 (AWS3) is a fully integrated resistance spot welding solution providing process control, monitoring and quality analysis all in one, which can  be used alone as a benchtop system or easily integrates into an existing production line.

The AWS3 Servo Motorised Active Welding System combines the ISQ inverter with the well-known MFP motorised weld heads, motorised weld pincers or compacting units all in one unique system. It offers high stiffness, exact position control of the electrode and can handle high speeds.

The basic version includes static monitoring, Ethernet communication, force and speed control, force or displacement measurement and has remote service capabilities
Combining these essential elements, the AWS3 becomes one premium system that enables quick and precise parameter settings.

The AWS3 Servo Motorised advanced version has additional dynamic process monitoring, offers graphical waveform, SPC, and CAN open, profibus or Ethernet/IP options .

Remote Service capabilities  allow our customers to control multiple devices on-site and enable our experts to do maintenance and technical service from long distance, minimizing maintenance costs and providing maximum uptime. The AWS3 is available with a Single knob push/turn Operating Panel or a large touch screen Panel.

Benefits of the AWS3 Servo Motorised:

  • High stiffness

  • High speed

  • Electrode impact sensitivity

  • Electrode position control

  • Clean room proof

  • User-friendly operating panel with single knob push/turn operation or touch screen