Single- and Multi-Mode Fiber Laser Markers: 10-100W

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE’s newly updated ML-73 D Series fiber laser markers are particularly suited for high power and high speed laser marking, laser engraving, laser ablation and laser annealing

The ML-73 D Series Fiber Laser Markers combine cutting-edge technology with inudstrial robustness for a wide range of marking applications. This versatile series is designed with multiple integration options to accomodate standalone operation, full production automation, or prototype development.

The ML-73 D Series is particularly suited for high speed laser marking, laser engraving, laser etching, laser ablation and laser annealing resulting in high contrast marks on plastics, metals and more. May also be used for laser deep engraving, laser foaming and laser bleaching. User configurable options and unique features enable these fiber laser markers to be tailored for optimised production and offers the following benefits:

  • High speed, high contrast marks on metal and plastics material
  • Excellent contrast and sharpness of annealed and engraved marks
  • Air-cooled, sealed industrial package designed for operation in harsh environments
  • Powerful control software with industry standard programming
  • Marker motion unit with integrated stage controllers for up to 4 axes