Remote Services

Remote Services for Resistance Welding

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE offers remote services for high end resistance welding modules. This new business service is now available for MIYACHI PECO AWS3 and MG3 standard products and for customised resistance welding systems.

Remote Services from AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE are a complete hardware, software and support package for remote access designed for diagnostics, technical service, programming and data logging.

The MIYACHI PECO Active Welding System 3 and MG3 Digital have or can be upgraded to have remote access capabilities. Most of our custom systems can be equipped with remote access as well. Customers with high demands on their system uptime can benefit from this capability as it allows for prompt technical support from Miyachi and reduced travel cost.

To enable these units to communicate with AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE or with other devices on-site in a multiple system environment an additional router has to be added.


  • Virtual Network Computing (VNC) and ftp functionality enable remote access to MIYACHI PECO AWS3 and MG3 via devices with a Windows/OS X/Android control system:
    Tested on PC/ Laptop/ iPad/iPhone/Android devices
    Ethernet networking accessibility for LAN and wireless (3G) router for internet connection
  • System uptime increases, and service costs are reduced.
  • Worldwide servicing possible without language barriers
  • Improved total cost of ownership thanks to improved response times
  • Traceability of weld parameters results into maximum quality of produced parts
  • Long term process statistics are saved and allow for continuous process monitoring
  • Improved reaction time and considerable savings on travel cost for application and technical service experts

MIYACHI PECO Remote Services