125-300-1000 ADP

125, 300, 1000 ADP Series – Advanced Capacitive Discharge Welders

Advanced Capacitive Discharge Welders (patent pending)

  • Dual pulse function
  • Built-in peak current monitor
  • Process monitor
  • Set test pulse and pulse limits with inhibit function
  • Upslope function
  • Polarity Programming by pulse (125 ADP; 300 ADP)
  • Four selectable pulse widths (125 ADP; 300 ADP); 1000 ADP has 3 jumper selectable pulse widths
  • High resolution 6.5″ color display

The new range of Advanced Dual Pulse CD welders were developed to provide a new level of welding performance, process monitoring and user interface.

The 125 ADP replaces the 125DP, the 300 ADP replaces the 250DP and 250DPS, and the 1000 ADP replaces the 500DP, 500HV and 875DP units.

The all new design that includes a proprietary charging unit improves pulse rise times and repetition rates. The monitoring capability with color coordinated display provide at a glance information of weld and process performance.

Unique features such as programmable pulse polarity and upslope provide easy setup for even nugget formation and electrode wear in series welding, and a means to reduce weld splash.

The ADP welders are particularly suited for applications such as battery tab welding.