MD Series-Linear

MD Series – Linear DC Controls

Transistor controlled resistance welding power supply

MIYACHI MDA1000K/MD5000A are transistor controlled power supplies which offer the following benefits:

Multiple connection of power supplies provides high power welding at short time. MDA-10000A offers to connect a maximum of twelve units which is one master and eleven slave units.

It is possible to design your own system and add power supplies as many as you need to obtain enough power.
One master unit controls all connected units.

It is not necessary to set the weld schedule at each unit anymore. A master unit is the only unit to be set. It controls all slave units.

The current feedback feature stabilises current collectively from all connected units.

Polarity switchable type: MDB-5000A: Alternate current flow from plus and minus side reduces Peltier effect and shapes nuggets uniformly. This units is perfectly designed for series welding applications. There are three control types to choose from. Both MDA-10000A and MDB-5000A employ three types of control.