Glovebox Laser

Glovebox Laser Welding Systems

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE is manufacturing two different standard Glovebox Laser Welding systems, used in hermetic seal welding applications such as the production of titanium medical implants or the packaging of military grade electronics. The Glovebox Welding systems are similar to our CNC Laser Welding Workstations, using the same software and hardware, but with the added advantage of welding in an inert environment.

We offer two lines of laser glovebox systems, the NOVA-CA which is based on an M.Braun glovebox and the more advanced NOVA-G3. The latter works with our proprietary windows based user interface offering one single application to control not only the glovebox parameters, but also the laser programming, CNC motion and FDA / Mil-spec data logging.
Our glovebox laser welding systems are usually configured with either a three or four axis CNC controlled motion system. Depending on the accuracies required, servo motors or linear motor driven slides are used.

To ensure maximum weld quality we offer special CAM software which generates complete welding programs from CAD files. The weld programs contain tack points, alignment correction routines and weld inspection.

Standard features of our glovebox laser welding systems include:

  • Inert welding environment with <1ppm Oxygen and <1ppm Moisture content
  • Fully integrated PC controller (IMS-3000), which integrates the laser, CNC motion system and glovebox control
  • FDA / Mil spec data logging for product traceability
  • Multiple oven configurations
  • Accurate 3 or 4 axis CNC motion\
  • Titanium compatible close loop fume extraction (sooth sucker)
  • Single vendor support and service
  • Two different glovebox types available from Unitek Benchmark and M.Braun
  • Several sizes available with 2, 3 or 4 gloves
  • Oil Free vacuum pumps
  • Optional turbo pump for high vacuum requirements
  • Seamless integration with all Unitek Miyachi Laser Welders
  • CE-certified