MFP60-Low Force

MFP60 – Low Force Weld Head

Most compact 20-60N Weld Head in MFP series

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE offers the high end welding system AWS3 with the new MFP60 weld head, which is specially designed for lighting, automotive, tooling and electric/electronic industries requiring high end interfacing and high speed automation. The new product expands the force range to the low end at 25 to 60N.

Lighting: Tungsten rod to Molybdenum foil, reflectors, frames
Automotive: Lead frame welds, connectors, compacting, pumps, motors, coils, sensors
Tooling:  thin saw blades
Electric/Electronic: Components (e.g. capacitors, resistors), micro fuses, micro relays, contacts, magnet wire bonding small wires, sensor wire parallel gap welding, sensor frames

Technical Specifications:
Servomotor-driven weld head model MFP60/AWS3
+ Force range 25 to 60N
+ max stroke 30mm
+ Force resolution 1N
+ max velocity 200mm/sec
+ direct drive design

+ Compact design
+ Highly dynamic
+ Very short cycle times
+ Stiff system, very low force oscillation
+ Interfacing identical AWS3
+ Full AWS3 functionality