PECO Electrodes

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE provides a variety of electrodes for resistance welding applications. The electrodes described on this page fit perfectly to the needs identified when using MIYACHI PECO products.

• Class 0 electrodes (ECu) made from electrolytic copper (E Cu) hard-drawn, for welding Al and Al-alloys.
• Class 2 electrodes (CuCr, CuCrZr) made from copper-chronium (CuCr, CuCrZr), for welding mild steel, stainless steel, Nialloys,brass and bronzes.
• Class 3 electrodes (CuCoBe)made from copper-cobalt-beryllium (CuCoBe), for welding high-alloy steel, NiCr-alloys and monel.
• Class 6 electrodes (WCu, WCuAg) made from copper-tungsten (WCu, WCuAg), for welding non-ferrous metals with high copper content.
• Class 7 electrodes (W) and 7.3(WL) made from tungsten (W), brazed into copper base, for welding copper and silver, resistance brazing and hot staking, respect. thermodes from tungsten-lanthan (WL)).
• Class 8 electrodes (Mo) and 8.1 (TZM) made from molybdenum (Mo) (brazed into copper base), for welding copper (stranded copper cable) and silver respect. titan-zircon-molybdenum for compacting device welding.