Laser Marking

Laser Marking Workstation (LMWS)

Amada Miyachi’s LMWS (Laser Marking Workstation) is a highly configurable, compact unit designed for lean manufacturing and offering the widest range of marking capability in its class

LMWS –  A cost efficient and  flexible Laser Marking Workstation

It has become very easy to apply permanent markings by scribing  the workpieces with a laser. AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE integrated a maintenance-free and energy-efficient fiber laser in a compact and safe enclosure. You just need a 230V connection, a PC and a small table are sufficient to mark your company logos, serial numbers, labels, images, QR-codes and photos in a few seconds.

The marking system can be equipped with six different lasers, three different output lenses and three different diameter laser beams to always provide the optimal  solution for a wide range of metals, plastics and ceramics that need to  be marked.

As the LMWS is integrated with one of Amada Miyachi’s popular ML fiber markers, this unit has the same GUI and interface for easy transfer from prototype to production phase.

  • Compact, workstation designed for bench top operation – minimal workspace needed

  • Fast and precise motorized Z for easy focus adjustment

  • Easy 270 degree access to parts and tooling

  • Large viewing window for easy mark monitoring

  • F-Theta 100mm, 160mm and 254mm lens options for marking various parts and sizes

  • Optional compact motorized rotary for marking cylindrical parts

  • Optional programmable Z-axis

  • Available is an operator  safe Class 1 or open Class 4

  • Integrates with any Amada Miyachi ML Fiber Laser Markers (10-50W)