ISQ Series

ISQ Series – Inverter Power Supply

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE offers the high end power supply ISQ 20 especially for automotive, tooling and electric/electronic industry requiring high end interfacing and high speed automation.

The MIYACHI PECO High Frequency Power Supply ISQ Series is available in four versions. Depending on the kA requirements it can be ordered as 20k, 10k, 6k or 3k version. 


  • APC – Function
  • Integrated error detection
  • Integrated process monitoring
  • Portable operating panel
  • Control mode selectable for each welding pulse
  • Rapid control response
  • welding times in ms range


  • Well-suited for automation
  • Maximum quality requirements
  • Safety-critical applications
  • Materials with very poor welding properties


  • Optimum quality documentation
  • Maximum availability / reliability
  • Good economic efficiency
  • Short cycle times
  • Very high process safety / reproducibility
  • Very high grade of weld


  • Sequence Control for welding heads with stroke cylinders and weld pincers
  • Control / Control Mode current, voltage or power regulation adjustable for each pulse
  • Weld Head Control variable hold, rest and repeat times as selected, via air or proportional valve, with closing and welding pressure
  • Programmable Weld Schedules 99
  • External Weld Schedules Selection 99
  • No. of Weld Pulses up to 3; 1st and 2nd pulse adjustable; 2nd pulse can be applied twice
  • Weld Pulse Control closing time, squeeze time, up-slope, on-time, down-slope
  • Weld Transformer internal for 6 kA

Monitoring Functions

  • Measured Parameters independent monitoring of current, voltage, power and energy individually for each pulse;
    graphic LCD-display of measured parameters
  • Limit Values audio-visual display with limit exeeding upper and lower limit, time limit welding energy limit with sensitive components (weld to limit)
  • Error Detection set point deviation (for U, I or P); + and – tolerance windows individually adjustable
  • Parts Check APC-function (Active part conditioning), current limit with oxidized parts test pulse for part detection (pre-weld-check)


  • Analog Inputs pressure sensor for proportional valve
  • Analog Outputs proportional valve control
  • Digital Interface via D-Sub-9 socket; welding data output in ASCII-compatible printing format
  • Binary Interface Inputs start, quick stop, pressure switch, proximity switches, pressure sensor
  • Binary Interface Outputs a. o. stepping contact, counter, set point dev., closing stroke, welding pressure, air valves

Mechanical Data

  • Dimensions 216 x 420 x 480 mm (W x H x D)
  • 216 x 420 x 550 mm (W x H x D, including projection)
  • Weight approx. 43 kg

Operation Data

  • Ambient Temperature 0 – 40°C