NOVA6 CNC Laser Welding Workstations

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE designs and manufacturers a number of CNC laser welding workstations as part of our range of laser welding machines, which provide a safe working environment for laser welding.

Some of the characteristics of these systems are:

  • Modular system which can be customized for specific applications
  • Fully integrated PC based controller (IMS-3000), which integrates the laser welder, motion system, data logging and process monitoring
  • Highly accurate multi-axis motion systems
  • Advanced CNC controller
  • CE-certified, laser safe enclosure and workstation

Standard models, NOVA6 and NOVA7
The most popular workstation is the NOVA6 which is used in applications ranging from the manufacture of medical implants to sensors, pacemaker leads and research.

Miyachi also offers a larger version the NOVA7 which uses a xyz gantry configuration and includes machine vision to weld trays of parts. Both systems are very similar and can be adapted to your specific requirements.