CH-LeadFree Pot

Lead-Free Solder Pot

This series of solder pot are equipped with high-efficient heaters which can melt lead-free tin bars very quickly and their temperature rise from room temperature to 250? only needs 10 minutes (but this varies based on different solder pot sizes)

This solder pot has high heat-sensitivity and fast temperature recovery. During operation, tin temperature drop can be compensated immediately and the pre-set temperature can be recovered very quickly
This lead-free solder pot is made from pure titanium which has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and durability
Microcomputer chip controllers are used on them along with displays, bringing us an intuitive and clear indication with high accuracy
Configuration data can be entered directly, simply and accurately by keys
The data inputted in the machines can be kept for a long time without being affected by shut-down and electricity stoppage
Sleep function is available during standby mode to save power and extend solder pot’s life
Also available is the automatic identification system to detect machine breakdown to strengthen machine’s safety
Function to lock machine’s pre-set data is available to prevent any mis-operation which may affect machine’s performance.
Power Temperature Range  Solder Pot Capacity Outline Dimension Solder Pot Dimension
C-50RA 250W 200?- 530? 1kg 255x135x125mm 50x50x50mm
C-80RA 500W 200?- 530? 2.6kg 305x165x125mm 80x80x50mm
C-100RA 400W 200?- 530? 2.5kg 305x165x125mm 100x70x45mm
C-100RB 800W 200?- 530? 3.6kg 305x165x125mm 100x100x45mm
C-110RA 600W 200?- 530? 3.2kg 305x165x125mm 110x80x45mm
C-135RA 1000W 200?- 530? 5kg 330x200x125mm 135x100x45mm
C-180RA 1200W 200?- 530? 8.9kg 380x240x125mm 180x135x45mm
C-190RA 1500W 200?- 530? 9.5kg 380x240x125mm 190x140x45mm
C-200RA 1500W 200?- 530? 11kg 380x240x125mm 200x150x45mm
C-280RA 1800W 200?- 530? 19.6kg 470x290x125mm 280x190x45mm
C-280RB 2000W 200?- 530? 21.7kg 470x290x125mm 280x210x45mm
C-280RC 2200W 200?- 530? 25.8kg 490x300x130mm 300x230x45mm