Wrist Monitor

Adopting resistance loop technology, 618-1 provides timely and continuous monitoring on static-proof wrist wrap. 618-1 is capable of monitoring operators exactly.

The ex-works upper limit of earth leakage resistances is stipulated as 800K, while the lower limit is 9M. Thus covering the monitoring on various types of static-proof wrist wraps.

  • Can monitor closely on working status of one operator’s static-proof wrist wrap
  • Generate visible and audible alarm against operator’s safety and status of low-resistance   and over-resistance.
  • Monitoring range on operator:
    LOW: 800K>R   yellow LED glitter and audible alarm
    PASS: 800<R<9M   green LED light
    HIGH: R>9M   red LED light and audible alarm
  • Accuracy: ±10%
  • Resistance range can be set as per customers’ requirement. 
  • Auxiliary power source: 220VAC/50HZ for input and 9-12VDC/500mA for output