CH-Wave Solder

Wave Solder Outfeed Conveyor

The Wave Solder Outfeed Conveyor is used to unload PCBs from the inclined conveyors of wave solder and to then lower the soldered boards to a standard conveyor height. The angle of the shorter inlet section can be adjusted to match the angle of the wave soldering system’s conveyor rails, while the longer off-load section can also be adjusted separately to a desired angle to suit adjacent equipment

Angle adjustment at input and output ends
Heat-resistant, ESD belt with non-slip surface
Heavy-duty aluminum construction
Optional fan attachment for extra cooling capacity
CE certified

No bottom covers is available on request.

Power Supply
AC 110/220V ±10V, 50/60HZ
PCB Size
PCB Direction
left to right or right to left(option)
Machine Size
1200 x 400 x (750 – 1200)mm