PCB NG/OK Unloader

The PCB NG/OK Unloader is connected to the back of AOI and has horizontal movement and go-through functions. The OK and NG PCB after being tested by AOI can be separated and sent to the PCB racks, so that the PCB can be protected better.  

PLC Control system, HMI panel , easily operation.

Good and defective PCBs can be stored separated automatically with magazine rack.

Connecting AOI or ICT allow distinguish good PCBs from NG PCBs by singal.

SMEMA compliant.

Model UNG-117C UNG-140C UNG-170C UNG-200C
Power AC 110/220V ±10V, 50/60HZ
Air Pressure 5kgf/cm2
PCB Size 350x(50-250)mm 460x(50-330)mm 535x(50-390)mm 535x(120-460)mm
Transport Height 900 ±20mm
PCB Direction left to right (option: right to left)
Magazine Rack Size 350x320x563mm 460x400x563mm 535x460x570mm 535x530x570mm
Pitches 10,20,30,40mm