CH-SP Mixer

Solder Paste Mixer C-500D

The solder paste mixer efficiently and evenly mixes the solder paste to a liquid state. It helps to achieve better results of stencil printing and reflowing processes. The use of the mixer also reduces the chances of absorbing air moisture as it is no longer necessary to remove the lid of the solder paste jar before the paste is actually used in production.

Three-level safety protection design: locker, proximity switch and electromagnetic valve
The only maintenance is cleaning
LED indicators and warning buzzer
Power                                  AC 220V 50Hz, 60 W or AC 110V 60HZ, 60W
Rotating speed              1000 RPM, 2nd rotation 380 RPM
Working capacity         500g x 2 jars
Jar diameter                   60 – 67mm(M size, standard), 53 – 60mm(S size, option) 67 – 84mm(L size, option)
Dimension                       420x420x447mm
Weight                              35Kg