Resistance C-385

C-385 Surface Resistance Checker

The pocket resistivity Meter,with test rang from 103 Ohms per square to 1012Ohms per square, with accuracy±10 Decade.The meter can be supplied with a certificate of Calibration upon request

The meter measures both surface resistivity and resistance to ground.TO measure surface resistivity,simply place the meter on the material that requires measuring,and press the green test button.The meter will then light the appropriate LED from103-1012 Ohms per square or insulative.To measure resistance to ground,repeat this process and insert the earth leakage lead in the earth socket attaching the croc clip to your ground point.

  • SIZE:  130mm x 70mm x 25mm
  • Power:  9 volt PP3 Battery
  • Used in anti-static workshop, testing room.
  • Test voltage:10v
  • Test range:10e3-10e12
  • Packing:Shielding bag and leather bag