CH-LeadFree Pot8

Lead-Free Solder Pot

Built-in great power heater, with the function of melting lead-free solder and reaching the setting temperature rapidly heating from normal temperature to 350? within 15 minutes.
Rapidly resume temperature. The temperature of tip can resume quickly while the circuit board or electronic component is soaking.
Display the actual temperature value and heating power value at the same time.
Stand-by function:220? standby, prolonging the service life and saving energy.
Temperature adjustment locking: it prevents randomly changing the setting temperature.
Auto malfunction judgement on the heater and sensor.
Adopt high quality titanium tin pot which is high temperature resistant, anti-corrosive and long-lived.
Model C-52T3 C-52T4 C-52T5
Power 800W 1200W 2000W
Temperature Range  200?-430?  200?-430?  200?-430?
Outline Dimensions 375x170x150mm 425x220x150mm 470x270x150mm
Solder Pot Dimensions 160x110x60mm 210x160x60mm 255x210x60mm
Solder Pot Capacity 9kg 16kg 27kg