BGA Rework Station TEX

Made of quality heating material; desoldering and soldering procedures of BGA are precisely controlled
Air flow and temperature are adjustable in a wide range to form high temperature breeze
Removable heating header, easy to operate
Two independent heating areas, temperature and time are digital displayed
Large IR bottom heater will heat the PCB evenly to avoid deformation and keep the solder effect
Powerful cross flow fans cool the lower heating area rapidly
With different Ti alloy hot air nozzles, easy to replace
PCB rack is adjustable for protecting your hands from hot
Supports for the BGA soldering supporting frame are micro-adjustable to restrain local sink age in the soldering area
8 segments of temperature up (down) and 8 segments constant temperature control, 10 groups of temperature curve are stored. With computer communication function, communication software is attached, two curves can be displayed in the same time, and buzz will be given after soldering is finished or removed
Buzz after soldering is finished or desoldering
Hand vacuum pen is adjustable for removing BGA
Over-heating alarm and protection for the upper hot air heating header.
PCB Dimension:
W50×D50 – W300×D400mm
PCB Thickness:
0.5 – 3mm
Working Table Adjustment:
±50mm forward /backward, ±200mm left/right
Temperature Control:
K-type thermocouple, close cycle controlled
Bottom Pre-heater:
Far infrared, 3000W
Nozzle heater:
hot air, 800W
PCB locating way:
Outer or Jig
Power supply:
AC220V, 50/60Hz, 3.5KVA
Machine Dimension:
L800 × W750 × H450mm
Weight:                                              40kg