The Dry Cabinet is designed for storing and drying Electronic components, ICs, PCBs etc. The humidity is adjustable from 25%RH to 55%RH or below 20%RH. The interior environment is controlled by precise digital controller

Uses PPS fire resistant material(comes with certificate) as casing of dehumidifier machine. It can withstand up to 300 degrees Celsius.
Also received Underwriters Laboratories Inc certification for safe usage.
Rugged high carbonated steel with heavy structure and coated with epoxy scratch-resistant paint.
Are fitted with the RS232 port so users can use Humidity Manager program with our cabinets to effectively manage MSD Floor Life.
Using microprocessor to fully automate the dehumidifying process. Users are able to adjust the partitions to the size they need.
Data logger & Software(Humidity Manager 3.0)
ESD Coating (black)
Quick Dry Unit ( Air) Model QD-Air
Quick Dry Unit ( N2) Model QD-N2
Alarm(with Flash Lamp)
Circulation Fan
Model Humidity Range(%) Internal Capacity External Size Internal Size Shelf Power
UDE-1452-6 25%RH – 55%RH 1482L 1200x1980x




5 110/230V 50/60Hz
UDE-1452A-6 Below 20%