CH-MFBuffer Load

Multifunction Buffer Loader

The Buffer Loader can be used as a mid-line loader or unloader, as a LIFO and FIFO buffer between SMD assembly, Connect with SMT and AI productions line. “Straight-through” may be selected so that PCB is conveyed by it, or “Automatic” may be selected so that this machine is used as a PCB buffer loader. (“Automatic” or “Straight-through” may be selected for this machine. When “Automatic” is selected and if the preceding machine is turning out PCB too fast but the following machine is feeding PCB too slowly, more PCB will be stored in this machine and sent out as long as the following machine needs it; When “Straight-through” is selected, this machine will be used as a conveying table.)

Servo motor, PLC Control system, HMI control panel

3 operative modes: FIFO buffer, LIFO buffer, pass through

24pcs PCBs can be stored temporarily, width adjustable

Direction from left to right or right to left(optional)

SMEMA compliant.

Model BL-800A
Power AC 110/220V ±10V, 50/60HZ
PCB Width 50 – 400mm(other specification on request)
PCB Length Max. 460mm(other specification on request)
Buffer capacity Max. 24 PCBs at pitch 10mm
Transport Height 900 ±20mm
PCB Direction left to right (option: right to left)
Pitches 10,20,30mm
Machine Dimension 600 x 1000 x 1600mm