SA ScreenPrinter

Semiautomatic Screen Printer C-1000

Adoption of Japanese high-precision motor and linear orbit can improve steadiness of squeegee printing
The pressure of double-squeegee printing and the up/down motion of squeegee can be adjusted separately with printing head and throttle behind small air cylinder for fear of resonant vibrations
Total Input Power & Voltage: single-phase 220V 50/60Hz, and total power: 100W
The print head can be lifted up in inclination of 45° to facilitate installation and uninstallation of squeegee and cleaning of steel mesh
The print head can be moved along and fastened to make easier location of steel mesh and have a better printing effect
The mesh arms can be adjusted separately on the left and right, suitable for the printing range of 470 – 750mm
The combined printing table is designed with relaining key and positioned PIN, applicable to operation of single-sided base plate and two-sided base plate
In the plate-proofreading method, adoption of mesh arm with proofreading and adjustment of printed matter (bedplate) X, Y and Z makes proofreading easier and simpler
Adoption of computerized PLC empowered with human-computer interface brings you many options including single/double printing and manual/auto modes
The squeegee seat can be adjusted fore and aft, and squeegee blade can be adjusted in the inclination of ±15° as required in printing
Application of SMC pneumatic cylinder and magnetic proximity switch can make work table move to and fro and the precision of printing surface to ±0.01mm
Operation air pressure: 4-6kgf/cm²; print station area: 300*400mm and 450*450mm (fit for XL); printing precision: ±0.05mm; and repeat precision:±0.02mm
Configuration of auto numeration and alarm frequency setup facilitate output statistics
The printing dead time can be adjusted so as to meet production demand
Printing Area
300 x 400mm
Screen Frames
370 x 470mm 420 x 520mm 550 x 650mm
PCB Size
 250 x 350mm
PCB Thickness
 0.2 – 2.0mm
PCB Clamping
Outer or Pin
Printing Precision
Repeat Positioning Precision
IC Pitch
Air Supply
Power Supply
AC220V, 50/60Hz, 100W
L650 x W860 x H1630mm
Squeegee Type
SUS316 t=0.3mm
Squeegee Angle
Left/Right Squeegee Range
Maximum 530mm adjustable
Distance between Squeegee
55mm(30-80mm adjustable)
Squeegee Speed
0-9000mm/min adjustable
Up/Down Squeegee Range
0-40mm adjustable
Up/down StencilRange
0-150mm adjustable
Cycle Time
5 – 20 seconds
Control Mode
touch screen panel + PLC
Floor Space of Printer