Precision Screen

Highly Precision Screen Printer C-30

Highly regulative precision
Repetitious error is extremely small
That stencil is mounted easily
Figuration is nice, material is good, and operation is simple
Screen or stencil print for IC pitch≥ 0.3mm.
X , Y,  Z ,  θ can be adjusted
Synchronously disengage stencil
Have many orientation mode
Dimension:                                740mm x 500mm x 250mm
Adjust range:                            X: 0 – 10mm, Y: 0 – 10mm, Z: 0 – 6mm, θ: ±2°;
Adjust precision:                    ≤ 0.01mm
Repeat precision:                  ≤ 0.03mm
Stencil size:                               ≤ 500mm x 400mm
PCB size:                                   300mm x 220mm
Weight:                                      34kg