CH-Loose Radial

C-301 Loose Radial Lead Cutting Machine
Used to cut radial leads of bulk/tube-packaged radial components.
Adopting the surface vibrating feeding mode, this product is applied to components of all sizes.
Its cutting way is very special. Made of steel materials imported from Japan, its cutters are durable and easy to adjust.
It has a small volume. It is easy to operate and maintain.
It works accurately with a minimum of 3mm. (If you want the machine more accurate, we can customize it for you.)
Adopting made-in-Japan electronic elements, it is durable and stable.
Its motor and electric parts are all imported from Taiwan.
We can add a counter or a feed tray (customized) to this machine according to the customer’s requirements.
Power:                                         AC110V/220V 60HZ/50HZ
Dimension:                               L470 x W380 x H450mm
Weight:                                      30kg
Efficiency:                                 60~100pcs/min