CH-Manual Loose

C-306B Manual Loose & Taped Axial Lead Forming Machine

This machine is used to lead-cutting and forming of tapes, bulk resistors, diodes, and other axial components

It finishes lead-cutting and forming at the same time, very powerful.
The forming span and length of jumper lead are all adjustable.
Made of steel materials imported from Japan, its cutters are durable.
It can form U-shaped (horizontal) and F-shaped (vertical) leads. (These two shapes can not be used at the same time. Please tell us which shape you want when making orders)
The U-shape has a special spec US-shape, which points at components of small forming span.
Dimension:                               L440 x W260 x H190mm
Weight:                                      16kg
Efficiency:                                 2500~4000pcs/H