Drawer Reflow

Drawer Reflow Oven C-108C

Number of temperature control segments: 1-128; up to 8*16 segments of program can be set and stored in the reflow soldering machine according to practical needs.
Number of temperature zones: Single zone with multiple temperature segment control.
Temperature control system: Automatic temperature control using microcomputer; non-contact SSR output.
Temperature rise time: 90s to enter into temperature keeping zone.
Temperature range: Room temperature to 300°C.
Heat source: Infrared + hot air convection.
Temperature curve: 1-8 pieces of temperature curve can be set in the reflow soldering machine according to needs. User can select the temperature curve according to the accuracy for product soldering. There are four default pieces of curve, e.g. leaded, lead-free, cure etc. in the machine for selection. Cure 1: about 90s for temperature keeping at 150°C; cure 2: about 5 min for temperature keeping at 150°C.
Cooling system: Cross-flow type balanced rapid cooling.
Separate air exhausting duct for cooling: The ON/OFF of air duct is automatically controlled through the electric controlled door to effectively ensure the airtightness of hot room.
External RS232 interface, input of K-type thermocouple, drive for solid state relay, cooling signal and ringing signal.
PCB maximum area
350mm x 250mm
Max heating temperature
Power supply
AC220V/ 50Hz
Maximum Power
4.2 KW, average 1.5 KW
about 45kg
Outline dimensions
620mm x 460mm x 385mm
Accuracy of temperature
Soldering time