CH-PCB UV Drying

PCB UV Drying Machine UV500

SMT Peripheral Equipment

Shape part: The shape size: total and long 2 meters, outside 0.7 meters of breadth, the bottom arrives the net to take of be apart from to 0.9 meters,0.4 meters of the net bandwidth, enter to anticipate the part long 0.4 meters, anticipates the part long 0.4 meters,1.2 meters of the light source part, enter to anticipate a people’s high 0.18 meters, go together with the adjustable stanza file plank in front and back, can adjust in to anticipate at will the oscular height, the outer shell adopt 2 the cold plank of ss fold curved but become, the whole machine surface static electricity heat sprays the ;( the non- commonness sprays the oil)Bear the corrosion, clean easily. The bottom have four brake types and can move the feet round, being convenient for the machine to move.
Power supply part: The power supply 380 Vs,16 As,8 KW, three mutually five lines systems.
Spread to move the part: the adoption Taiwan loves the virtuous dint to change the machine of to change the to adjust soon, speed even 0.5-5 meters are adjustable, having the numerical speed display of LED, controlling the speed even, stabilize, go together with the 750 W Taiwan to love the virtuous dint card to adjust soon electrical engineering and 50 the types become soon tooth box. Import the black iron fluorine dragon net take. The bottom has a track. The net takes the bottom to have to drag along to move without the small roller of motive, having the adjustable stanza lord in front and back, passive roller.
Light source part: Adopt 2 sets of 2 KW imports the light source of UV. Go together with the Japanese original package halogen lamp tube, in front and back even distribute in the stove( go together with to rise to press the transformer., The reflection cover, light tube, electric capacity), add the UV mirror to face the reflection device, raise the utilization rate of the purple outside light and can amount to 35% consumedly. The each UV light can control alone, all can regulate up and down, an UV light that covers the square to all have the of regulate the UV light tube top and bottom height to twist the hand handle to apply the different specification flat surface product is solid.( The total long 460 mms that light take care of, the valid light is apart from the 420 mms, wave-length for 365 nms) have the automatic timer, can at any time supervise and control usage time of the light tube, be convenient for the light to take care of of replace. Each light tubes have to import the quartz to separate the hot glass independently, effectively keep its infrared calories from radiate product, the in order to prevent is lead by temperature high but affect its product.
Take out the breeze part: Adoption compulsory the breeze is cold, the small door that the blinds that UV area possess singly enters the breeze place with a draught and independence can at any time open easy to tidy up, go together with nine continent amount of strong winds to leave two sets of the mind exhaust fan, each the set 0.37 KW, next exhaust fan one set 0.75 KW, inside have four import into the small breeze machine of breeze, lowering the product and temperature in the UV stoves effectively, raising the service life that light tube