Precise Multifunction Dispenser B-A6

The B-A6 has a bright four-digit LED screen and automatically cycle, suitable to dispense for mass production or for the products which are required high precision. Dispensing timed micro adjust from 0.01 to 0-99.99 seconds. The unit can either be controlled with a foot pedal or a finger switch for hand-held dispensing applications.

Power:                                         AC220V ±10% 50HZ or AC110V ±10% 60HZ, 12W
Air Input:                                   Max. 0.99Mpa
Air Output:                               0.05Mpa – 0.99Mpa
Dispensing Time:                  0.01 – 99.99s
Dispensing Modes:                    Manual and with a total of 16 combinations
Timing Intervals:                         0.1 – 9.9s
Suck-back Feature:                    adjust vacuum control to 600 mmHg
Repeat Tolerance:                      ±0.01%
Dispensing Frequency:            >1000times/min
Minimum dispensing:                0.0001ml
Dimension:                                      235mm x 225 x 63mm
Weight:                                             3kg