BGA ReworkC5250T

BGA Rework Sation C-5250T

Air flow and temperature is adjustable in a wide range to form high temperature breeze
The movable heating header is easy to operate; hot air header and mounting header are manually controlled; PCB sliding rack is micro-adjustable with X and Y axes
Color optical system with functions such as split vision, zoom in and micro-adjust, autofocus and menu operation, and with aberration detecting device
Color LCD monitor;
Touch screen interface, PLC control; able to display temperature curves and two detecting curves at the same time;
Two independent heating areas, temperature and time are digital displayed;
Over-heating protection for the hot air heating header; temperature of hot air in the upper and infrared in the bottom is program controllable; with 6 segments of temperature up (down) and 6 segments constant temperature control, 20 groups of temperature curve are stored; Cruve analysis can be carried out on the touchscreen and has the communication function as computers ,with software attached; with temperature measurement function;
The supports for the BGA soldering supporting frame are micro-adjustable to restrain local sinkage in the soldering area;
Suction force of the in-build vacuum pump is adjustable; 360° rotation in Φ angle; mounting nozzle is micro-adjustable;
Over-heating protection for the upper hot air heating header;
Large IR pre-heating from the bottom will heat the PCB evenly to avoid deformation and keep solder effect; heating board is independent controlled;
With different Ti alloy hot air nozzles (customizable), easy to replace
PCB Dimension:
W20×D20 – W300×D400mm
PCB Thickness:
0.5 – 3mm
Working Table Adjustment:
±10mm forward /backward, ±10mm left/right
4.  Temperature Control:
K-type thermocouple, close cycle controlled
5.  Bottom Pre-heater:
Far infrared, 3000W
6.  Nozzle heater:
hot air, 500W
7.  PCB locating way:
Outer or Jig
8.  Power supply:
AC220V, 50/60Hz, 3.5KVA
9.  Machine Dimension:
L700 × W650 × H800mm
10.  Weight:                                 120kg