DT270CH UniSlide

DT-270-CH Uni-Slide (ACF Laminating/Pre-bonding)

Uni-Slide system with manual Left/Right slide. The heart of the Desktop ACF Laminating system is the ACF module. This module positions the ACF tape accurately above the pre-loaded parts in the tooling.

Prior to laminating / pre-Bonding the ACF to the substrate, the ACF tape is pre-cut at the required length of ACF from a reel of ACF. Cutting is done using the half-cut method which cuts the actual ACF material. The cover-layer is used for tape transport. The ACF is now positioned over the bond surface. By placing the Hot bar on the ACF material the laminating / pre-Bonding is achieved. After the pre-bonding cycle the head moves back to the upper position and the carrier tape is peeled off through the automatic separator module. The use of the optional Sarcon Interposer Module between the Hot bar and the ACF is advised.

DT-270-CH Uni-Slide (ACF Laminating / Pre-Bonding)
The Desktop DT-270-CH Uni-Slide with Left-Right slide is part of a line of (semi-) automatic systems developed for ACF Laminating. The “CH” stands for the constant heat Hot bar. “PH” which stands for pulsed head is available as well. The model “270” has a manually operated 2-position slide, that is mounted in a left-right configuration.
The Desktop Series delivers the same high bonding quality as the larger and more automated systems. It offers an ideal price-performance ratio for those production environments where labour costs are involved. The system can be integrated into an existing R&D or system environment. The left – right slide enables loading and unloading of the parts on the one side, while the head is bonding parts on the other side. Because of this simultaneous operation, the “270” system offers the highest output of all slide systems.

Sarcon Interposer Module 
The Saron Interposer offers protection of the Hot bar and the products during the bonding process and also to improve the bond strength in between tracks. Especially on the PCB side, the interposer module forces the adhesive to fill the gaps between the tracks, which is creating a strong mechanical connection. The Sarcon Interposer Module consists of two reels. One spool holds a full reel of Sarcon, the other one winds the used Sarcon. The Sarcon Interposer Module can be installed on each desktop system.

Alignment Module
If your parts require accurate (fine-pitch) alignment, we recommend to use an Optical Alignment Module. This includes a CCD camera with a special lens, special illumination, 7” TFT screen and power supplies. The optical system magnifies and displays the track on the TFT screen. Operator speed and operator accuracy will surely increase.

Product Jig Module
Using the high quality AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE product jigs ensures optimum process quality. Product jigs are extremely important because bonding quality is influenced by co-planarity of the jigs, fine-alignment of the parts and materials used for the supporting blocks. Miyachi offers many years of experience making jigs for a broad range of applications and processes. Ask our sales specialists about these modules.