Newhorizon PH

Newhorizon Heat-Seal Bonding System PH

The newhorizon MHSB system is a compact and flexible standard system for Heat-Seal Bonding applications.

Newhorizon Heat-Seal Bonding  System MHSB

The newhorizon line is made up of four standard, ergonomically designed models with optional product handling features such as linear slides and rotary tables.  Heat seal bonding systems are “customizable” to suit the customer’s specific technical requirements via optional plug & play modules. All modules are mounted on a robust frame construction.

Depending on your specific application, Miyachi Eapro’s newhorizon Heat Seal Bonding / Heat Staking Systems are available in two versions, one version using Constant Heat technology, the other version using Pulsed Heat technology. The newhorizon Heat-Seal Bonding systems are fully integrated, bonding systems which joins parts utilizing our proven constant heat or pulsed heat technology, a pneumatic bonding head and customized hot bar thermode.  The bond head is capable of applying up to 750 Newtons of force, making it ideal for for flex to pcb and flex to LCD applications.

newhorizon MHSB Benefits

  • Compact & flexible standard systems for high quality connections

  • Ideal price-performance ratio

  • User friendly system configuration including optional plug & play modulesCompact, Standard Systems

  • Integrated Constant Heat process control or Pulsed Heat process control through Uniflow-4 Power Supply

  • X-Y Hot Bar Planarity Adjustment

  • Electronic System Control

  • Pneumatic Bonding Head

  • Digital Force Readout