UniSlide Plus SA

Uni-Slide Plus Stand-alone System

The Uni-Slide stand-alone product line is a system concept with a linear product movement. The product is safely and accurately loaded, aligned and unloaded in the front position of the slide, and processed in the rear position.

Product movement by linear slide
The linear slide is manual operated. It is the ideal bench-top system for a flexible manufacturing solution that will give top quality connections between PCBs, flex-foils, LCD’s and other components. The system is suitable for connection lengths up to 130 mm (even with a pitch as small as 50 micron).The Uni-Slide can be used for Hot Bar Reflow Soldering and Heat-Sealing through Pulsed Heat Technology (Uniflow Power Supply).

Standard available systems:

  • Uni-Slide SS-W-230 and Uni-Slide PS-W-230.