MG3 Hot Bar

MG3 Hot Bar – Premium Process Monitoring

The MG3 Hot Bar represents the very latest technology in Hot Bar process monitoring. It provides precision real-time dynamic measurement of all the bonding processes.

The new Premium Hot Bar Monitoring system combines MIYACHI EAPRO Hot Bar know-how with MIYACHI PECO technical expertise all in one unit. The MG3 Hot Bar measures force, temperature, time and displacement, allowing for continuous control throughout the entire process cycle. The compact and flexible system features high quality Hot Bar connections and high throughput, all within an easily adjustable frame construction.


  • Premium Hot Bar Monitor designed to control Hot Bar bonding processes reliably, efficiently and conveniently.
  • Dual channel capability offers simultaneous monitoring
  • Configurable graphic user interface with 4 display quadrants, graphic and numeric indicators as well as intuitive online help gives maximum transparency for all relevant parameters
  • Full on-screen SPC capability generates real time monitoring
  • Process interrupt functions enable the operator to steer the bonding process