Uni-Turn Plus SA

Uni-Turn Plus Stand-alone System

The high-throughput Uni-Turn Plus line fulfils even the most demanding manufacturing requirements. The motorized rotation table can be equipped for 2 to 6 positions. These positions can be equipped with bonding heads, fluxing stations, automatic ACF laminating stations and customer specific modules.

Vision systems, fully automatic parts alignment, quality control systems and electrical test stations can be incorporated. Because of the large size, this system is often selected to manufacture large parts (for example: automotive dashboards). When equipped with up to 6 bonding heads, the system becomes a real high volume production station. The 5 position version is ideal when fluxing and soldering, or ACF Laminating and ACF Endsealing are to be integrated in one machine.

We have 3 Uni-Turn Plus systems standard available:

  • SS-A-310 with 2 x SH500 pneumatic bonding head, 2 x Uniflow Power Supply and motorized rotary
  • PS-A-310 with 2 x PH motorized bonding head, 2 x Uniflow Power Supply and motorized rotary
  • PS-A-315 with PH500 motorized bonding head, Uniflow Power Supply and motorized rotary

Of course we are able to design and build systems that fully come up to our customers needs.