Thermo-plane Thermodes

The AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE Hot bar product line uses a range of standard modules and offers a reliable, versatile and consistent system configuration for a variety of applications. Using standard modules in the entire value chain from application development to high volume production delivers predictable, consistent and premium quality for your bonding application(s).

The Thermode (Hot bar), which is the heart of each bonding system, is specially designed by AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE for a range of applications. Since each customer application demands its own specific requirements, AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE offers a complete range of pulsed heat thermodes (Hot bars).The Miyachi thermode design offers ultra-fast heating and cooling cycles hence minimizing process times.  Forced air-cooling after the heating process further speeds the total bonding process. The thermode is designed to maintain co-planarity and withstand deformation that results from the high forces that may be necessary in some bonding processes. The Thermo-plane Thermode eliminates voltage drop as current flows through the thermode from front-to-back instead of left-to-right, preventing damage to the parts when soldering.

Wire-Soldering & Heatstake processes require their own specific thermode configurations based on product size, shape and configuration. Miyachi offers a full range of standard as well as custom designs.