DT-350-PH & DT-360-PH Uni-Slide Heat Staking

Uni-Slide Systems with automatic linear front-rear slide. The Desktop DT-350-PH and DT-360-PH Uni-Slide Systems are part of a line of (semi-) automatic systems developed for Heat Staking

DT-350-PH & DT-360-PH Uni-Slide (Heat Staking)
“CH” stands for constant heat and is available as well. The model “350” has an automatically operated 2-position slide, whereas the model “360” has a 3-position slide.

The Desktop Series delivers the same high bonding quality as the larger and more automated systems. It offers an ideal price-performance ratio. The slide enables easy loading and unloading of the parts directly in front of the operator. If the parts require alignment, this can be done in the front loading position where the operator has sufficient free space for loading and alignment of the parts, the camera position offers a view that isn’t blocked by the bonding head. The automatic slide makes the parts positioning more controlled as compared to manually operated slides. Additionally, it enables the operator to spend time on other activities such as preparing the next parts in between bonding cycles.

Hot bar Displacement Module
The Heat Staking process is a process where product deformation is most important and should be consistent. The Desktop Systems offer an optional displacement module which measures the Hot bar displacement during the process cycle. The Pulsed Heat system configurations are equipped with a linear encoder with pulse counter. This encoder enables to measure the height of the dome before and after heat staking process.
Minimum and maximum limits can be set around both measurements. This will enable the user to determine if the plastic pin has the correct length before the heat staking process starts and to detect sufficient deformation of the materials during the process.

Uniflow Interrupt Module (only in combination with the Displacement module)
When the displacement module reaches the pre-set limits, the Uniflow pulsed heat temperature controller can be interrupted to stop the heating process.Upon the limit, the Uniflow will leave the “reflow” state and move to the “cool” state. Reflow time will be shortened in this condition.This additional feature allows the application / system to shorten the process times and secure the correct product output. The Uniflow Interrupt function will also allow the system to compensate for changing in product characteristics.

Product Jig Module
Using the high quality AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE product jigs ensures optimum process quality. Product jigs are extremely important because bonding quality is influenced by co-planarity of the jigs, fine-alignment of the parts and materials used for the supporting blocks. Miyachi offers many years of experience making jigs for a broad range of applications and processes. Ask
our sales specialists about these modules.

Alignment Module
If your parts require accurate (fine-pitch) alignment, we recommend to use an Optical Alignment Module. This includes a CCD camera with a special lens, special illumination, 7” TFT screen and power supplies. The optical system magnifies and displays the track on the TFT screen. Operator speed and operator accuracy will surely increase.