Emerald Constant

Emerald LCD/TFT & PDP Production & Repair Constant Heat Systems

This highly flexible systems can be used for 3 bonding techniques (all in one system!): ACF-Tacking and ACF Final Bonding

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE offers a full product line of LCD/PDP TAB-Repair systems, the Emerald Series.

These systems are using Constant Heat technology and are designed for:

  • Small to large LCD/PDP panels, sizes ranging from 1″ up to 65″
  • A wide variety of TAB sizes and shapes
  • A wide variety of PCB sizes and shapes

Some of the great features of these systems are Fine Pitch Alignment down to 30 microns. This is done by dual upwards looking cameras. A high precision pneumatic bonding head with adjustable speed and force profiles ensures easy and quick access and an ultra consistent process.